How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos



You deserve to have the best experience when it comes to your wedding photos! With that being said, I have put together a small list of recommendations for all couples who are looking to ensure that positive experience! Each item in this list is to be considered as a “suggestion”, not a “rule”, and can be discussed further with me personally if desired.

Happy Reading!


MAKE TIME FOR YOUR PHOTOS! Most couples put together a “timeline” for the day of their wedding. You will get the most out of your wedding photos if you reserve “photography time” when putting together your wedding timeline. This is especially important when weddings have a large guest count (100+), lots of family members, or a large bridal party. Typically, during 8 hours of wedding coverage, I recommend setting aside at least a total of 2.5 hours for photos. This does not include things such as “getting ready photos” or “sparkler exit” photos. Rather, this time is photography time dedicated specifically to the couple, as well as immediate family members. I would be happy to consult with you regarding your wedding day timeline! If you have a wedding planner putting together a timeline for you, please feel free to request that it be sent to me for review. 

GATHER YOUR SPECIAL WEDDING DETAILS! As a couple, you no doubt have spent valuable time and energy in designing or selecting your wedding invitations, as well as picking out your jewelry, shoes, perfume and other accessories! Many couples have incorporated family heirlooms into their wedding day. Please have these items gathered together on your wedding day so that they can be styled and captured by me as your photographer. Photos of these important items will add depth and value to the viewing experience of your wedding images, and will bring you back to details of your wedding day many years down the line. 

BREAK UP YOUR PHOTOS! I prefer not to torture couples and their wedding guests with 3 hours in a row of photos. I am assuming you would prefer not to be tortured as well. Therefore, break up the time you set aside for photos on your wedding day. For example, many couples choose to see each other for the first time prior to their ceremony (known as “the first look”). This intimate moment makes for beautiful couples photos, and can be immediately followed by photos with the bridal party. After the ceremony, the couple may then choose to take photos with family. In this way, their photography time has been “broken up” with the wedding ceremony. This arrangement makes for a nice flow of activity during your wedding day. Couples who choose to go a more “traditional” route, where they wish to see each other for the first time during the wedding ceremony, can also consider breaking up their photos in a slightly different way. For example, photos with the bride and bridesmaids can be taken prior to the wedding ceremony, as well as photos of the groom and his groomsmen. All that’s left after that in terms of bridal party photos is a single capture of the entire group which can easily be done after the ceremony, along with family photos. 

CONSIDER LIGHTING! In order to get the most flattering photos during your ceremony, choose a time and location that is fully shaded (or slightly backlit by the sun) if at all possible.  

BE FLEXIBLE! Wedding photos during sunset can be some of the most beautiful photos taken during the entire day. However, sunset happens at different times through out the year. If sunset photos are desired during your wedding (highly recommended by me), please identify the sunset time on the date of your wedding and block out 30-40 minutes of photography time prior to sunset. This will allow me to whisk you away for some one on one time with you and you new spouse. You’ll get away from the crowd for a bit and focus on the romance and beauty of it all.

COMMUNICATE WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU! For example, if you have spent countless hours curating your cocktail menu and want to be present with your guests during that time rather then taking photos, let me know! We can always adjust accordingly. Another example: if you want photos of your dad seeing you for the first time in your wedding dress, let me know and add it to your time line. The more you inform me of what is personally valuable to you on your wedding day, the more I can be mentally present to those things and be ready to capture them on camera. If you have a wedding planner, he/she will also be an incredible asset in this regard. I am also happy to make recommendations of other wedding vendors, as well as make sure your wedding photos are exactly what you were hoping for, if not more! If you have any further questions or requests regarding photography on your wedding day please reach out. I’d be happy to help!

That about wraps it up! 

Thanks for taking the time to read what I have put together. I look forward to keeping in touch with you as your wedding date draws closer. Everything is going to turn out beautiful!!! 


Ashley Rae